Governor’s Response

September 30,2009

Mr. Charles J. Still

Dear Mr. Still:

I appreciate hearing the concerns of many Vermonters and those who recreate here regarding the release of the Ball Mountain Dam in Jamaica.

While the Army Corps of Engineers makes the ultimate decision on how and when the dam is released, I realize that input from the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation play an important role in advising those decisions. I continue to believe that we must always seek to strike the right balance of maintaining the environmental integrity of our waterways and their wildlife populations with the interests of those who enjoy the recreational opportunities that come with living in and visiting a place such as Vermont.

Although it can be difficult to satisfy the various interests who care deeply about an issue such as this, I will continue to ask the professionals at the Agency of Natural Resources to carefully examine the science and thoughtfully consider the inputs of all interested parties.

Thank you for sharing your concerns with me.


James H. Douglas

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