What to Do

Without the immediate application of a large amount of political pressure the current situation is likely to deteriorate further. The ACOE has recently been reducing the availability of whitewater opportunities, and this is likely to continue.

We need not tens but hundreds of letters to be sent to the appropriate public officials before May 1, 2004.

We also need you to “sign”, either the paper petitions being circulated this weekend at the West, or to send an email to Mike_Duclos”insert at sign here”ieee.org stating you support the Petition To Restore Whitewater, with your Name, State, Telephone and Email address. The privacy disclaimer at the bottom of the Petition applies either way. You can copy the Petition and add your personal information in the signing area, then email the whole thing, if you would prefer.

Without your action now, we fully expect a further curtailment of whitewater releases from all ACOE projects. Please see the attachment: Political Action for West River Whitewater.
Political Action for West River Whitewater

What You Can Do

Notes on Political Action

Comments should be clearly articulated and well reasoned. Profanity, rants and angry language will reflect poorly on the entire boating community. One poorly written letter can negate ten well written letters.

Read the Summary and quickly review the historical perspective of how the problem arose, and what has been done to attempt to resolve it.

Give a personal anecdote or statement of your feelings about this issue to generate a positive sympathetic / empathetic emotional response on the part of the reader.

Use paper, stamps and snail mail rather than email for one very good reason: The staff of public officials have a practice of ‘discounting’ the value of emails. The number I have heard on good authority for one public official is they value 7 emails the same as a single snail mail letter. If you care enough to spend your time writing the letter, get 7x the value for your effort by mailing hard copy.

See the Who to Write To Link, and send your letter as many of these public officials as you can. Please send an email copy to Mike_Duclos”insert at sign here”ieee.org so we know how many letters have been sent.

The Project Managers who operate the dams on-site have always been extremely cooperative with whitewater boating interests, often going out of their way to provide whitewater releases under difficult conditions, or to reschedule a release when conditions make a scheduled release impossible (e.g. Otter Brook being rescheduled due to ice problems, etc.). The problem is higher up the management chain.


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